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The IT sector is making rapid strides, and looking at the faster communication tools available to health professionals now, WHO-CC at AIIMS has taken a unique initiative of using e-Learning for disseminating Evidence Based Practices on Newborn Health for healthcare professionals for Continuous Professionals Development (CPD)/Continuing Medical Education (CME). While you get a certificate for these courses, they should not be viewed as a license for health professionals to practice neonatology.

How do you benefit from these courses?

  1. Due to it being an online course, learning is flexible, and you can access lectures and modules anytime, anywhere at your comfort
  2. The courses are designed to be interactive, employing a variety of resources including robust modules, webinars, forums and MCQ tests- all designed to meet the need of doctors and healthcare workers managing sick newborn
  3. You get the chance to learn from some of the leading neonatologists in Asia
  4. Gives opportunity to share knowledge and clinical practices among colleagues in a diverse range of clinical settings
  5. You attain a certificate on successful completion of the course

Latest available courses

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